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Neshamah Healing: designed to integrate the Higher Self into the body, mind and emotions.


A Neshamah Healing session feels like a relaxing spa experience, but the benefits are much more than physical.  The high energy that is poured into your entire system during a session rejuvenates you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, serving to transform your state into one that is more peaceful, loving and joyful.  Regular sessions anchor and expand that state within you so that you can create more peaceful, loving and healthy relationships with yourself and those around you.


Benefits of Neshamah Healing reported by clients:

- Lessening or cessation of physical pain.  Benefits last longer with each successive session.  Suffering due to chronic conditions such as arthritis and diabetes abates.

- Reduced side effects of chemotherapy.

- A sense of peace that lasts long after the session is over.

- Mental and emotional clarity.

- Greater awareness of one’s physical, emotional and mental state in daily life.

- Re-balancing of internal body functions. 

- Faster recovery from injury and surgery.

- Faster muscle recovery after an intense workout.

- Acceleration of emotional, mental and spiritual healing and growth.

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